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Non-Count & Count Nouns

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What is a noun?
Any member of a class of words that can function as the main or only elements of subjects of verbs.
What is a count noun?
Typically refers to a countable thing and that in English can be used in both the singular and the plural .
What is a non-count noun?
Refers to an indefinitely divisible substance or an abstract notion.
Examples of count nouns
apple, house, eye, letter, chair, shoe, number.
Examples of non-count nouns
water, electricity, fire, intelligence, hair.
I have 3 apples in the kitchen.
Example sentences with count nouns
My house is in fire.
Example sentences with non-count nouns
What is a collective noun?
appears singular in formal shape but denotes a group of persons or objects.
crowd, team, hive, group,
Examples of collective nouns