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Grammar Definitions: Basics IV

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Indefinite pronoun singular or plural
Proper noun
name of particular person, place, or thing
proper adjective
formed by proper nouns. They are capitalized and often end in
What things relating to people and culture must be capitalized?
initials that stand for names, abbreviations for titles, title without name, etc
When are season's capitalized?
When they are personified
When are school courses capitalized?
When it is a language, or when it is a specific course.
Are compass direction capitalized?
only when referring to specific areas or regions
Always except for the prepositions
When are places capitalized? (like mountains)
coordinating conjunction
connects words with equal importance ( )
subordinating conjunction
introduce dependent (subordinate) clauses and joins independent and dependent clauses
conjunctive adverb
used to express relationships between independent clauses
intensive pronoun
emphasizes noun or pronoun in the same sentence E.g. "VERY unhappy" "NOT enough" "EASY to please" "NOT TOO"
simple subject
key word or words that tell what the sentence is about
simple predicate
the verb
compound subject
made up of two or more subjects that share a verb
compound verb
made up of verbs sharing a conjunction and have the same subject
compound predicate
There Is One Subject in this form.
linking verb
links subject of sentence to a word in the predicate
action verb
expresses physical or mental action
predicate adjective
describes subject by saying which one, what kind, how much, or how many. follows linking verb
verb modified to be an adjective
participial phrase
a participle extended into a phrase
prepositional phrase
a preposition, its object ,and the modifier of the object
object of the preposition
the noun or pronoun that follows the preposition
independent clause
a clause (subject and verb) that is a complete thought and can stand alone as a sentence