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Phrasal Verbs II

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cry out
shout out
cut back
cut down
cut in
go in suddenly; interrupt
cut up
shape or form by cutting
cut off
shape or form by cutting
cut up
cut into pieces; hurt
not cut out for
to lack the right qualities or character for doing something
abide by
Respect or obey [the law, a decision, a rule]
account for
Explain; give a reason
act on
Take action as a result of something
act up
Cause pain or annoyance by functioning badly
add up
Make sense; seem reasonable
adhere to
Support; follow; act in accordance with
advise against
Recommend not doing something
agree with
Have the same opinion as someone else
aim at
Direct towards a target
allow for
Take into consideration;
angle at
Show from a particular point of view.
angle for
Try to obtain something by hinting.
answer back
Reply rudely
answer for
Be responsible for something.
answer to
Be responsible. to/be controlled by [someone]
appeal to
Plead or make an earnest request.
apply for
Make a formal request for something [job, permit, loan, etc.]
arrive at
Reach an agreement, a decision, a conclusion.
ask after
Enquire about someone's well-being.
ask around
Mention it to people you see or meet.
ask out
Invite someone to lunch, dinner, the cinema etc
avail [oneself] of
Take advantage of something [an opportunity]
back away
Move backwards, in fear or dislike
back down
Withdraw; concede defeat.
back off
Retreat, abandon an intention.
back up
Give support or encouragement
bail out
Pay money to secure someone's release
band together
Unite in a group.
bank on
Base your hopes on something/someone.
bargain for
Expect; be prepared for.
bear out
beef up
Improve or make more substantial
black out
Faint; lose consciousness
block off
Separate using a barrier.
blow up
boil down to
Be summarized as
boot up
Start a computer by loading an operating system or program.
break away
Escape from captivity.
break down
Go out of order, cease to function.
break into
Enter by force.
break off
break out
Start suddenly.
break out of
Escape from a place by force.
break up
Come to an end [marriage, relationship_______]
bring up
Raise [a child].
brush up on
Improve, refresh one's knowledge of something.
bump into
Meet by accident or unexpectedly.
burn out
Become exhausted from overworking
Interrupt impolitely.
butt in [on]
buy over
bribe/use money to win favours.
pay a short visit to
call on/call upon
carry out
do; accomplish
catch on
become popular
chip in
close in
surround; envelope
come across
meet by chance
come between
divide; seperate
come by
make a visit
come in
take a position in a competition [e.g. first, second etc]
come round
come under
be included
come up with
make up
conjure up
cut in
go in suddenly
cut up
cut to pieces
die away
disappear slowly
die down
die off
die in large numbers
die out
become extinct; disappear altogther
cut out for
naturally able or suited to do or be something
dig in
work hard
dig up
find out
dish up
present a series of facts
do away with
dispense off
do out
deprive by cheating
do over
do again
do up
wrap or tie up
do without
be independent of; get on without
doll up
dress showily
done for
drag on
continue tediously without end
draw back
recoil; withdraw
draw near
draw out
draw up
prepare a plan
drive at
mean; intend
drop in
visit casually
drop off
go away
drop out
withdraw [from studies]
drum in
ease off
become less painful
ease up
become less tense