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Phrasal Verbs IV

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get over
gain control of sg
count on
trust sy/sg
ask for
say that you'd like sy to give you sg
pick on
treat sy unfairly by criticizing
come up with
find or produce an answer
get by
manage to live using the money, knowledge, equipment that you have
go up
become higher
go down
become lower
turn up
to arrive
rule out
look at
look for
try to find sth
look after
take care of
look like
to be similar to
look forward to
to be pleased about sth that is going to happen
take over
take control of sth
take on
take up
take off
take part
take place
be into
be interested , involved in
catch up with
make up work that was missed due to absence at a later point
fall behind
to go more slowly than other people so that they gradually move further ahead of you
get on with
have a good relationship with
get together
a small informal social gathering
go into
start doing a particular type of work[vt]
go on to
to do something after you have finished doing something else
put off
avoid or try to avoid fulfilling, answering, or performing [duties, questions, or issues]
set up
construct, build, or erect
take up
begin work or acting in a certain capacity, office or job
acquire or gain knowledge or skills
pass an exam
do a test successfully
fail an exam
do a test unsuccessfully
to go over carefully in order to correct or improve
set up
to start a company, organization,commitee etc
call off
to decide that a planned event will not take place
get along
if two or more people get along, they have a friendly relationship
let down
to not do something that someone trusts or expects you to do
draw up
to prepare a written document such as a list or contract
hold on to
to keep sth rather than losing it, selling it or giving it
to be/get carried away
to be so excited, angry, interested etc that you are no longer really in control of what you do or say
get rid of
to throw away or destroy sth you don't want anymore
tied up
to be very busy so that you cannot do anything else
beat off
to succeed in defeating someone, who is attacking, opposing or competing with you
cut down
to reduce the amount of something
sound out
to talk to someone in order to find out what they think about a plan or idea
wake up to sth
to start to realize and understand a danger, an idea etc
turn into
to become sth different or to make someone or something do this
get wrapped up
to give so much of your attention that you do not have time for anything else
put up with
to accept some or something unpleasant in a patient way
fall out
to stop being friendly with someone because you have had a disagreement with them
back out
not to do it
get across
be into
do as planned
go through with
put on
set up
turn up
take up
start doing
point out
draw attention to
set up
the act of organizing something
call on
ask, order
buy up
to purchase until no more are left
step down
give up or retire from a position
get ahead
obtain advantages
go under
fails financially
break down
stop operating or functioning
call off
annul something that was scheduled
turn up
arrive unexpectedly
take out
look around
look forward to
to be excited that you you are going to do sth
take part in
to be involved in
turn down
turn up
put off
figure out
solve, understand
hand in
submit school work, submit homework
hand out
look up
find information about
make up
pick up
take and lift upward
put down
stop holding or carrying
put on
place clothes on one's body
take off
remove clothes from one's body
put in the trash, discard
throw away/throw out
turn off
stop a machine or a light
turn on
start a machine or light
wake up
stop sleeping
write down
write a note on a piece of paper
give away
give back
give up
put on
dress in
break into
unlawfully enter
break off
carry it off
carry on
continue with one's activities
hold off