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목발을 짚다
to walk with crutches
볼을 꼬집다
to pinch sb's cheek
팔을 비틀다
to twist sb's arm
종이를 뭉치다
to crumple up a piece of paper into a ball
편지를 뜯다
to open a letter
사과를 (반으로) 쪼개다
to split an apple (in half)
꽃을 따다
to pick flowers
책을 집다
to pick up a book (줍다=only things off the floor)
우유를 젓다
to stir milk
배를 젓다
to row a boat
책을 엎어 놓다
to place a book face down
귀를 뚫다
to get one's ears pierced
금을 캐다
to mine for gold
이름을 새기다
to engrave one's name
손톱으로 할퀴다
to scratch (with one's fingernail)
책갈피를 끼우다
to put a bookmark
이를 쑤시다
to pick one's teeth
코를 후비다
to pick one's nose
발에 유리 조각이 박히다
to have a piece of glass stuck in one's foot
김밥을 말다
to make kimbap
깍지를 끼다
to clasp one's fingers together