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Dè b’ fheàrr leat ?

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An toigh leat ?
Do you like ?
‘S toigh leam
I like
Dè b’ fheàrr leat ?
What would you prefer ?
Dè b’ fheàrr leibh ?
What would you (p/p) prefer ?
B’ fheàrr leam am fear seo.
I’d prefer this one.
B’ fheàrr leam botal fion.
I’d prefer a bottle of wine.
B’ fheàrr leam slisneagan.
I’d prefer chips.
B’ fheàrr leam cidsean glan.
I’d prefer a clean kitchen.
B’ fheàrr leam a bhith a’ cocairich.
I’d prefer to be cooking.
‘S toigh leam fion dearg ach ‘s fheàrr leam fion geal.
I like red wine but I prefer white wine.
‘S toigh leam a’ coimhead ball-coise ach ‘s fheàrr leam a’ cluich e.
I like watching football but I prefer playing it.
‘S toigh leam mo thaigh ach ‘s fheàrr leam an taigh ath-dhoras.
I like my house but I prefer the house next door.
‘S toigh leam dvds ach ‘s fheàrr leam an taigh-dhealbh.
I like dvds but I prefer the cinema.
Cha toigh leam ti ach ‘s toigh leam cofaidh math.
I don’t like tea but I like good coffee.
‘S fheàrr leam a’ dol air a’ bhus.
I prefer to go by bus.