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a branch of mathematics where numbers are represented by symbols, usually letters.
algebraic expression
a group of terms that are joined by addition or subtraction signs
an algebraic expression consisting of two terms (for example; 2x + 3y)
the bottom of a fraction
difference of two squares
The result of multiplying two binomials which are the sum and difference of the same terms
To remove grouping symbols by multiplying the terms in each pair of grouping symbols by the term or terms outside.
like terms
Terms that have identical pronumeral parts. (for example 7x and 10x or 5ab and −3ab)
the top of a fraction
parenthesis or brackets
the name given to these grouping symbols; ( )
perfect square
When a binomial is multiplied by itself. eg (x + 5)^2 or (2a − 3b)^2
pronumeral or variable
A symbol, usually a letter, that is used to represent a number.
The replacing of a pronumeral with a numeral in an expression. For example; to substitute 3 for a in the expression 4a − 2 would give: 4(3) − 2 = 10