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what would you like?
ce ai dori
I would like some milk please
aș dori niște lapte te rog
a glass
un pahar
a cup
o cană
I would like a cup of tea please
aș dori o cească de ceai vă rog
a bottle
o sticlă
would you like a bottle or a glass?
doriți o sticlă sau un pahar
a latte
o cafea cu lapte
a starter
un aperitiv
what would you like to eat?
ce ai dori să mănânci
a main course
un fel principal
a dessert
un desert
orice/ ceva
do you have any desserts?
aveți deserturi?
ceva (prop. afirmative)/ nimic (negatii)
I don't have anything
nu am nimic
I don't have any water
nu am apă
of course I have some water
desigur am niște apă