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Buildings and Sites (Weeks 1-5)

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Acropolis of Athens
Old St. Peter's Basilica
Palatine Chapel
Abbey Church of Saint Foy
Pisa Cathedral
Pisa Baptistery
Leaning Tower of Pisa (Campanile)
Basilica of St. Denis
Chartes Cathedral
Amiens Cathedral
Beauvais Cathedral
Salisbury Cathedral
Gloucester Cathedral
Palazzo Pubblico
Siena Cathedral
Basilica di Santa Croce
Palazzo Vecchio
Belfry of Bruges
St. Dominique
Hospital of the Innocents
Basilica of San Lorenzo
Sagrestia Vecchia (Old Sacristy)
Florence Cathedral (Santa Maria del Fiore)
Palazzo Medici
Palazzo Rucellai
Basilica of Sant'Andrea
Santa Maria della Consolazione
Tempietto of San Pietro
St. Peter's Basilica
Palazzo del Te
Villa d'Este
Capitoline Hill (Campidoglio)
Porta Pia
Il Redentore
Villa Capra "La Rotonda"
Court of the Lions
Court of the Myrtles
Great Mosque of Djenné
Bete Giyorgis (Church of St. George)
Bete Maryam
Gur-e Amir
Naqsh-e Jahan Square (Maydan-I Shah)
Ali Qapu
Shah Mosque (Masjid-I Shah)
Hagia Sophia
Süleymaniye Mosque
Anup Talao
Tomb of Sheikh Salim Chishti
Taj Mahal
Church of the Gesù
St. Peter's Baldachin
St. Peter's Square
Cornaro Chapel
Sant'Andrea al Quirinale
San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane
Sant'Ivo della Sapienza
Piazza Navona
Royal Church of San Lorenzo
Chapel of the Holy Shroud
Weltenburg Abbey (Benedict Abbey)
Würzburg Residence (Bishop's Palace)
Basilica of the Fourteen Holy Helpers (Basilika Vierzehnheiligen)
El Escorial
Royal Hospice of San Fernando
Granada Charterhouse (Charterhouse Sacristy)