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marital status
Je z USA z Clevelandu.
(He) is from the USA, from Cleveland.
Koľko má rokov?
How old is he?
Kde je teraz?
Where is (he) now?
Teraz je na Slovenksu.
Now (he) is in Slovakia.
čo študuje?
What does (he) study?
študuje slovenčinu.
(He) studies Slovak.
Kde na Slovensku študuje?
Where in Slovakia does (he) study?
Aké povolanie má jeho otec?
What does his father do?
Jeho otec je úradník v banke.
His father is a bank clerk.
Aké povolanie má jeho mama?
What does his mum do? (Which profession has his mum?)
Jeho mama je učiteľka.
His mother is a teacher.
Je jeho otec vysoký?
Is his father tall?
Je jeho brat vysoký?
Is his brother tall?
Je jeho mama štíhla?
Is his mum slim?
Koľko rokov má jeho brat?
How old is his brother?
Jeho brat má 20 rokov.
His brother is 20 years old.
Koľko rokov má jeho sestra?
How old is his sister?
Jeho sestra má 8 rokov.
His sister is 8 years old.
Je jeho brat študent?
Is his brother a student?
Jeho brat je šofér.
His brother is a driver.
Je jeho brat zlý?
Is his brother bad?
Jeho brat je sympatický.
His brother is nice.
Má jeho brat dievča?
Does his brother have a girlfriend?
Jeho brat má dievča.
His brother has a girlfriend.
Je jeho dievča Američanka?
Is his girlfriend an American?
Jeho dievča je Francúzka.
His girlfriend is a Frenchwoman.
Je jeho stará mama z USA?
Is his grandma from the USA?
Jeho stará mama je zo Slovenska.
His grandma is from Slovakia.
Kde je teraz jeho stará mama a starý otec?
Where are his grandma and grandpa right now?
Sú na Floride teraz.
(They) are in Florida right now.
študuje Petrova priateľka slovenčinu?
Does Peter's girlfriend study Slovak?
Petrova priateľka študuje angličtinu.
Peter's girlfriend studies English.
Vie už dobre Peter po slovensky?
Does Peter already know Slovak well?
Vie písať a čítať celkom dobre po slovensky.
(He) knows how to write and read quite well in Slovak.