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Myslím že sú na Floride.
I think (they) are in Florida.
Nemyslím že sú na Floride.
I don't think (they) are in Florida.
Jej brat je veľmi zlý.
Her brother is very bad.
Jej brat nie je veľmi zlý.
Her brother isn't very bad.
Tvoj otec je v banke.
Your father is at the bank.
Tvoj otec nie je v banke.
Your father isn't at the bank.
Josh má šťastie.
Josh has good luck.
Krystal nemá šťastie.
Krystal doesn't have good luck.
Môj otec sa volá Myke.
My father's name is Myke.
Môj otec sa nevolá Ray.
My father's name isn't Ray.
Tvoja manželka cestuje na Floridu.
Your wife travels to Florida.
Tvoja manželka necestuje na Floridu.
Your wife doesn't travel to Florida.
Jeho druhé auto je Mercedes.
His second car is a Mercedes.
Jeho druhé auto nie je Mercedes.
His second car isn't a Mercedes.
Moja matka je lekárka.
My mother is a doctor.
Moja matka nie je lekárka.
My mother isn't a doctor.
Jeho švagriná býva na Aljaške.
His sister-in-law lives in Alaska.
Jeho švagriná nebýva na Aljaške.
His sister-in-law doesn't live in Alaska.