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Folk Song: Tancuj, Tancuj

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Tancuj tancuj vykrúcaj vykrúcaj
Dance dance turn around turn around
Len mi piecku nezrúcaj
Just don't knock my oven down
Don't knock (it) down
Dobrá piecka na zimu.
An oven is good for winter.
na zimu
for winter
Nemá každy perinu.
Not everyone has a down blanket.
down blanket (accusative)
Stojí vojak na varte,
A soldier stands on watch.
na varte
on watch
v roztrhanom kabáte
in a ragged coat
coat (locative)
Od večera do rána
From evening until morning
do rána
until morning
Rosa naňho padala.
The dew fell on him.
fell (feminine)