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to be good at ...
ser bueno en ...
to be bad at ...
ser malo en ...
an instrument
un instrumento
a guitar
una guitarra
to play the guitar
tocar la guitarra
a piano
un piano
to play the piano
tocar el piano
to cook
to bake
a picture
una imagen
to draw a picture
hacer un dibujo
to paint
to listen
for example
por ejemplo
he's good at playing the piano
es bueno tocando el piano
I'm bad at cooking
soy malo cocinando
she's especially good at playing the guitar
es especialmente buena tocando la guitarra
they're good at many things
son buenos en muchas cosas
they're for example pretty good at math
por ejemplo, son bastante buenos en matemáticas
I think math is difficult
creo que las matemáticas son difíciles