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it was a robbery
그것은 강도사건이었어요
he robbed the bank in broad daylight
그는 대낮에 은행을 털었어요
it's highway robbery!
완젼 날강도들! (믿을수 없게 비싼상황)
it was murder
그것은 살인이었어요
someone stole the drugs
누군가가 마약을 훔쳤어요
the witness saw the suspect
목격자는 용의자를 봤어요
there were witnesses everywhere
목격자들이 사방에 있었어요
unfortunately the police couldn't find the murder weapon
유감스럽게도 경찰은 살인무기를 발견하지 못했어요
there is no case without evidence
증거없는 사건은 없어요
the police can't arrest the suspect without evidence
경찰은 증거없이 용의자를 체포할 수 없어요
the police caught the murderer red-handed
경찰은 살인범을 현행범으로 잡았어요
the suspect has no alibi
용의자는 알리바이가 없어요
that doesn't prove anything
그것은 아무것도 증명 할 수없어요