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누가 뭐라고 했다고?

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I told you I was out of credit on my phone
내 폰에 잔액이 남아있지 않았다고 네게 말했잖아
they claim they were only protecting the children
그들은 그들이 단지 아이들을 보호하는 중이었다고 주장해요
the king and queen stated that they were going to be parents
왕과 왕비는 그들이 부모가 될거라고 정식으로 말했어요
he noted that the store was closed at noon
그는 가게가 정오에 닫혀있었다고 말했어요
the evidence indicates that you're guilty
증거는 네가 유죄임을 나타낸다