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stavo essendo
I was being
stavi essendo
you were being
stava essendo
he was being
stavamo essendo
we were being
stavate essendo
you were being (plur.)
stavano essendo
they were being
stavo stando
I was being (stare)
stavi stando
you were being (stare)
stava stando
he was being (stare)
stavamo stando
we were being (stare)
stavate stando
you were being (stare) (plur.)
stavano stando
they were being (stare)
stavo avendo
I was having
stavi avendo
you were having
stava avendo
he was having
stavamo avendo
we were having
stavate avendo
you were having (plur.)
stavano avendo
they were having
stavo facendo
I was doing
stavi facendo
you were doing
stava facendo
he was doing
stavamo facendo
we were doing
stavate facendo
you were doing (plur.)
stavano facendo
they were doing
stavo andando
I was going
stavi andando
you were going
stava andando
he was going
stavamo andando
we were going
stavate andando
you were going (plur.)
stavano andando
they were going
stavo dando
I was giving
stavi dando
you were giving
stava dando
he was giving
stavamo dando
we were giving
stavate dando
you were giving (plur.)
stavano dando
they were giving
stavo amando
I was loving
stavi amando
you were loving
stava amando
he was loving
stavamo amando
we were loving
stavate amando
you were loving (plur.)
stavano amando
they were loving
stavo potendo
I was being able (to)
stavi potendo
you were being able (to)
stava potendo
he was being able (to)
stavamo potendo
we were being able (to)
stavate potendo
you were being able (to) (plur.)
stavano potendo
they were being able (to)
stavo sapendo
I was knowing (facts and skills)
stavi sapendo
you were knowing (facts and skills)
stava sapendo
he was knowing (facts and skills)
stavamo sapendo
we were knowing (facts and skills)
stavate sapendo
you were knowing (facts and skills) (plur.)
stavano sapendo
they were knowing (facts and skills)
stavo dovendo
I was having to
stavi dovendo
you were having to
stava dovendo
he was having to
stavamo dovendo
we were having to
stavate dovendo
you were having to (plur.)
stavano dovendo
they were having to