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stavo prendendo
I was taking
stavi prendendo
you were taking
stava prendendo
he was taking
stavamo prendendo
we were taking
stavate prendendo
you were taking (plur.)
stavano prendendo
they were taking
stavo vedendo
I was seeing
stavi vedendo
you were seeing
stava vedendo
he was seeing
stavamo vedendo
we were seeing
stavate vedendo
you were seeing (plur.)
stavano vedendo
they were seeing
stavo volendo
I was wanting
stavi volendo
you were wanting
stava volendo
he was wanting
stavamo volendo
we were wanting
stavate volendo
you were wanting (plur.)
stavano volendo
they were wanting
stavo mettendo
I was putting
stavi mettendo
you were putting
stava mettendo
he was putting
stavamo mettendo
we were putting
stavate mettendo
you were putting (plur.)
stavano mettendo
they were putting
stavo bevendo
I was drinking
stavi bevendo
you were drinking
stava bevendo
he was drinking
stavamo bevendo
we were drinking
stavate bevendo
you were drinking (plur.)
stavano bevendo
they were drinking
stavo leggendo
I was reading
stavi leggendo
you were reading
stava leggendo
he was reading
stavamo leggendo
we were reading
stavate leggendo
you were reading (plur.)
stavano leggendo
they were reading
stavo valendo
I was being worth
stavi valendo
you were being worth
stava valendo
he was being worth
stavamo valendo
we were being worth
stavate valendo
you were being worth (plur.)
stavano valendo
they were being worth
stavo dicendo
I was saying
stavi dicendo
you were saying
stava dicendo
he was saying
stavamo dicendo
we were saying
stavate dicendo
you were saying (plur.)
stavano dicendo
they were saying
stavo venendo
I was coming
stavi venendo
you were coming
stava venendo
he was coming
stavamo venendo
we were coming
stavate venendo
you were coming (plur.)
stavano venendo
they were coming
stavo finendo
I was ending
stavi finendo
you were ending
stava finendo
he was ending
stavamo finendo
we were ending
stavate finendo
you were ending (plur.)
stavano finendo
they were ending