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avevo parlato
I had spoken
avevi parlato
you had spoken
aveva parlato
he had spoken
avevamo parlato
we had spoken
avevate parlato
you had spoken (plur.)
avevano parlato
they had spoken
avevo creduto
I had believed
avevi creduto
you had believed
aveva creduto
he had believed
avevamo creduto
we had believed
avevate creduto
you had believed (plur.)
avevano creduto
they had believed
ero partito
I had left
eri partito
you had left
era partito
he had left
eravamo partiti
we had left
eravate partiti
you had left (plur.)
erano partiti
they had left
avevo capito
I had understood
avevi capito
you had understood
aveva capito
he had understood
avevamo capito
we had understood
avevate capito
you had understood (plur.)
avevano capito
they had understood