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che io fossi
(that) I were
che tu fossi
(that) you were
che lui fosse
(that) he were
che noi fossimo
(that) we were
che voi foste
(that) you were (plur.)
che loro fossero
(that) they were
che io stessi
(that) I were (stare)
che tu stessi
(that) you were (stare)
che lui stesse
(that) he were (stare)
che noi stessimo
(that) we were (stare)
che voi steste
(that) you were (stare) (plur.)
che loro stessero
(that) they were (stare)
che io avessi
(that) I had
che tu avessi
(that) you had
che lui avesse
(that) he had
che noi avessimo
(that) we had
che voi aveste
(that) you had (plur.)
che loro avessero
(that) they had
che io facessi
(that) I did
che tu facessi
(that) you did
che lui facesse
(that) he did
che noi facessimo
(that) we did
che voi faceste
(that) you did (plur.)
che loro facessero
(that) they did
che io andassi
(that) I went
che tu andassi
(that) you went
che lui andasse
(that) he went
che noi andassimo
(that) we went
che voi andaste
(that) you went (plur.)
che loro andassero
(that) they went
che io dessi
(that) I gave
che tu dessi
(that) you gave
che lui desse
(that) he gave
che noi dessimo
(that) we gave
che voi deste
(that) you gave (plur.)
che loro dessero
(that) they gave
che io amassi
(that) I loved
che tu amassi
(that) you loved
che lui amasse
(that) he loved
che noi amassimo
(that) we loved
che voi amaste
(that) you loved (plur.)
che loro amassero
(that) they loved
che io potessi
(that) I were able (to)
che tu potessi
(that) you were able (to)
che lui potesse
(that) he were able (to)
che noi potessimo
(that) we were able (to)
che voi poteste
(that) you were able (to) (plur.)
che loro potessero
(that) they were able (to)
che io sapessi
(that) I knew
che tu sapessi
(that) you knew
che lui sapesse
(that) he knew
che noi sapessimo
(that) we knew
che voi sapeste
(that) you knew (plur.)
che loro sapessero
(that) they knew
che io dovessi
(that) I had to
che tu dovessi
(that) you had to
che lui dovesse
(that) he had to
che noi dovessimo
(that) we had to
che voi doveste
(that) you had to (plur.)
che loro dovessero
(that) they had to
che io prendessi
(that) I took
che tu prendessi
(that) you took
che lui prendesse
(that) he took
che noi prendessimo
(that) we took
che voi prendeste
(that) you took (plur.)
che loro prendessero
(that) they took