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Every MatLab function begins with a ________ statement.
A function statement begins with the word "function" with the first letter of that word written in ________ (lower/upper) case.
return variable name
function ? = functionName(variableList)
function name
function returnVariableName = ?(variableList)
list of variables
function returnVariableName = functionName(?)
The last statement in every function should be:
Documentation: a comment statement begins with the symbol...
y = x^2
Write a statement that assigns the value of x squared to the variable y.
What symbol do you put at the end of a MatLab statement to avoid that statement causing something being printed to the screen?
What angle units (degrees/radians) does the cosine function "cos" assume the argument to be in?
What function name do you use to take the cosine of an angle in degrees?
y = sqrt(x)
Write a statement that assigns the square root of x to the variable y.
In a function statement, the variables (if there are more than one) in the list of variables (also known as the arguments in the argument list) are separated by what symbol?
Suppose the name of your function is functionName. In that case, what should the name of the file you save your function as be?
In MatLab you use an editor to create a function and you save the function as what kind of file?