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shiroi desu
is white
shizuka desu
is quiet
shizuka deshita
was quiet
shizuka ja nai desu
is not quiet
shizuka ja nakatta desu
was not quiet
suki desu
suki deshita
suki ja nakatta desu
didn't like/love
suki ja nai desu
don't like/love
suzushi ku nakatta desu
was not cool
suzushi ku nai desu
is not cool
suzushi katta desu
was cool
suzushii desu
is cool
taihen ja nai desu
is not terrible
taihen ja nakatta desu
was not terrible
taihen deshita
was terrible
taihen desu
is terrible
taisetsu deshita
was important; precious
taisetsu ja nakatta desu
was not important; precious
taisetsu ja nai desu
is not important; precious