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이런 컵
this kind of cup
그런 컵
that kind of cup
저런 컵
that kind of cup over there
왜 이래요?
"Why like this?" in full form
왜 그래요?
"Why like that?" in full form
왜 저래요?
"Why like that over there?" in full form
이렇게 해요
"Do it like this" in full form
그렇게 해요
"Do it like that" in full form
저렇게 해요
"Do it like that over there" in full form
사람이 왜 이렇게 많아요?
"Person why like this many is?" in full form
사람이 왜 그렇게 많아요?
"People why that many are?" in full form
어떻게 저렇게 잘 해요?
"How that over there well do?" in full form