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Reasons and Excuses Expanded 때문에, ~느라고, 왜냐하면

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비가 오다
to rain
to get wet
because of (as a result of analysis)
비 때문에 젖었어요
rain because of got wet" in full form
비가 왔기 때문에 젖었어요
"It rained because of got wet" in full form
돈 없기 때문에 못 샀어요.
"Money don't have because of couldn't buy" in full form
돈 때문에 못 사요.
"Money because of can't buy" in full form
집 청소하느라고 파티에 못 갔어요.
"House clean and so party couldn't go" in full form
친구가 오느라고 못 나갔어요.
"Friend come and so couldn't go out" in full form
because ('why?' do if)
quoted question
먹었냐고 했어요
" 'ate?' did" in full form
파티에 못 갔어요. 왜냐하면 집 청소했으니까요.
"Party to couldn't go. 'Why?' do if, house cleaned because" in full form
파티에 못 갔어요? 왜요? 집 청소해서요.
"Party couldn't go? Why? House clean so" in full form
서울에서는 많은 사람들이 아파트에서 살아요.
"Seoul in as for a lot of people apartment in live" in full form
왜냐하면 사람이 많으니까요.
" 'why?' do if, person a lot is because" in full form