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"Quoted Speech" in Korean

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어디 가요?
"Where go?" in full form
네? 어디 가냐고 했어요?
"Huh? 'Where go?' asked?" in full form
네. 어디 가냐고요.
"Yes. 'Where go?'" in full form
아~ 화장실요.
"Ah~ Bathroom" in full form
알겠어요. 화장실 가세요.
"Alright. Bathroom go" in honorific form
"quoted command"
집에 가세요~
"Home to go~" in honorific form
네? 뭐라고 했어요?
"Huh? What said?" in full form
집에 가라고요.
"House to go said" in full form.
아~ 네. 집에 갈게요.
"Ah~ yes. Home to go (affects listener)" in full form
알겠어요. 잘 가요~
"Alright. Well go~" in full form
할머니 가셨어요?
"Grandma went?" in honorific form
"Yet" but implying 'not yet'
가신다고 하셨어요?
"Going said?" with both verbs in honorific form
네. 가서 인사드리세요.
"Yes. Go and bid farewell" with honorific verb in honorific form
네~ 인사드릴게요.
"Yes~ Bid farewell (affects listener)" with honorific verb in honorific form