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Adams-Stokes syndrome
Heart block, with slow or absent pulse, often accompanied by convulsions.
Alport syndrome (aka Hereditary Nephritis)
Genetic disorder characterized by glomerulonephritis, endstage kidney disease, and hearing loss.
Asherman's syndrome
Adhesions within the endometrial cavity, causing amenorrhea and infertility.
Afferent Loop Syndrome (ALS)
Mechanical complication that infrequently occurs following construction of a gastrojejunostomy.
Banti's syndrome
Chronic congestive enlargement of the spleen resulting in premature destruction of the red blood cells.
Barrett's syndrome
Chronic peptic ulcer of the lower esophagus, resulting in metaplasia of esophageal epithelium.
Behcet's syndrome
Oral and genital ulcers, uveitis, optic atrophy
Boerhaave's Syndrome
Rupture of the esophageal wall due to vomiting.
Chinese Restaurant Syndrome
Chest pain and burning sensation over parts of body.
Churg-strauss Syndrome
Asthma, fever, eosinophilia