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Munchausen Syndrome
Disorder wherein those affected feign disease, or psychological trauma to draw attention, or reassurance to themselves.
Ochoa syndrome
Inverted facial expressions in association with obstructive disease of the urinary tract
Pancoast syndrome
Superior sulcus tumors along with the triad of (1) shoulder and arm pain, (2) wasting of the hand muscles, and (3) ipsilateral Horner's syndrome.
Peutz-jeghers Syndrome
Benign polyps, melanin pigmentation of buccal mucosa and skin around mouth and lips.
Parinaud's Syndrome
Abnormalities of eye movement and pupil dysfunction, aslo known as dorsal midbrain syndrome
Pica syndrome
Appetite for substances largely non-nutritive, such as ice, clay, chalk, dirt, or sand.
Plummer-vinson Syndrome
Esophageal webs, leading to dysphagias and atrophy of papillae of tongue. Also hypochromic anemia, splenomegaly.
Prader-willi Syndrome
Short stature, mental retardation, polyphagia with marked obesity, sexual infantilism
Puppet syndrome (Angelman syndrome)
Mental retardation,walking on their tip toes, hands seem to flop while walking, a continous smile and a drooling problem
Sheehan's Syndrome
Complication of pregnancy, usually occurring after excessive blood loss with initial symptoms as: agalactorrhea and/or difficulties with lactation, hypopituitarism.
Sick Sinus Syndrome (SSS)
Chaotic atrial activity; continual changes in P-Waves, bradycardia, alternating with recurrent ectopic beats and runs of tachycardia.