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Les verbes pronominaux 2e série

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s’excuser de
to apologize for
se mettre en colère
to get angry
se fâcher
to get mad
s’énerver de
to get upset about
to stop by
s’arrêter de
to stop doing
to get impatient
s’inquiéter de
to worry about
to buy oneself
s’approcher de
to come near
se taire
to be quiet ; to shut up
s’en aller
to go away
s’attendre à
to expect
se débarrasser de
to get rid of
s’habituer à
to get used to
s’installer à/dans
to settle in
se mettre à
to start doing
se moquer de
to make fun of
s’occuper de
to take care of
se préoccuper de
to be preoccupied with
se rendre compte de
to notice
se rendre compte que
to realize that
se servir de
to use
se souvenir de
to remember
to train ; to have a sport’s practice
se débrouiller
to manage ; to figure out a way
to sit down