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لو كنت قرأت الأخبار، لكنت علمت الآن
if you had read the news, you would have known already
لو كنت ذهبت للجامعة، لما كنت سافرت حول العالم
if I had gone to college, I wouldn't have traveled the world
لو كنت هناك، لكنت سمعت وجهة نظرك في الحكاية أيضًا
if you had been there, I would have heard your side of the story as well
لو كنت فقط أرسلت رسالة نصية، لما قلقت هكذا
if you had only sent a text message, I wouldn't have been so worried
لو كان تعامل مع مشكلاته، لأصبح بخير
if he had dealt with his problems, he would have been alright