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¿Qué tal tus vacaciones?

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I rested
Monté a caballo
I went horse riding
I swam
I skated
I skied
Hice yoga
I did yoga
Hice alpinismo
I went climbing
Hice vela
I went sailing
Hice caída libre
I went sky diving
Fui a clases de baile
I went to dance classes
Di una vuelta en bicicleta
I went for a bike ride
Vi lugares de interés
I visited places of interest
No tuve miedo
I wasn't scared
¿Qué tiempo hizo?
What was the weather like?
Hizo buen tiempo
The weather was good
Hizo mal tiempo
The weather was bad
Hizo calor
It was hot
Hizo frío
It was cold
Hizo sol
It was sunny
Hizo viento
It was windy
Hubo niebla
It was foggy
Hubo tormenta
It was stormy
It rained
It snowed