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She was sleeping at 5 am yesterday
Она спала вчера в 5 утра
You were studying English at 3 o'clock yesterday
Вы занимались английским вчера в 3 часа
Luke was reading a book at 7:45 yesterday
Люк читал книгу вчера в 7:45
I was working hard at that moment
Я очень усердно работал в тот момент
They were eating chocolate at 3 o’clock yesterday
Они ели шоколад вчера в 3 часа
John was playing tennis at 6:30 yesterday
Джон играл в теннис вчера в 6:30
We were watching TV when my mum came
Мы смотрели телевизор, когда пришла мама
He was surfing the internet when the teacher came
Он сидел в интернете, когда пришел учитель
You were cooking lunch at 9:30 yesterday
Вчера в половине десятого ты готовила обед
We were travelling to London at 6:30 yesterday
Вчера в 6:30 мы ехали в Лондон