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I was doing ... while he was doing ...

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The kids were watching TV while their parents were talking
Дети смотрели телевизор, пока их родители разговаривали
He was doing homework while she was playing a computer game
Он делал домашнюю работу, пока она играла в компьютерную игру
She was playing the guitar while he was playing the drums
Она играла на гитаре, пока он играл на барабанах
I was working while she was doing the housework
Я работал в то время, как она занималась работой по дому
The girls were dancing while the boys were playing tennis
Девочки танцевали в то время, как мальчики играли в теннис
He was driving while I was telling him interesting stories
Он вел машину в то время, как я рассказывала ему интересные истории
The teacher was asking questions while we were answering them
Учитель задавал вопросы в то в время, как мы отвечали на них