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¿Qué hiciste?

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¿Qué hiciste?
What did you do?
¿Qué hiciste en tus vacaciones de verano?
What did you do on your summer holiday?
I danced.
Compré una camiseta
I bought a T-shirt.
Descansé en la playa
I relaxed on the beach.
Mandé SMS
I sent texts.
Monté en bicicleta
I rode my bike.
Nadé en el mar
I swam in the sea.
Saqué fotos
I took photos.
Tomé el sol
I sunbathed.
Visité monumentos
I visited monuments.
No nadé en el mar
I didn't swim in the sea.
Bebí una limonada
I drank a lemonade
Comí paella
I ate paella
Conocí a un chico guapo
I met a cute boy.
Conocí a una chica guapa
I met a cute girl.
Escribí SMS
I wrote texts.
Salí con mi hermano
I went out with my brother.
Salí con mi hermana
I went out with my sister.
Vi un castillo interesante
I saw an interesting castle.