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It is an ancient Mariner
Coleridge's initial characterisation at the very beginning of the poem. Omniscient character with "ancient" wisdom who can be seen through others.
As green as emerald.
This is a juxtaposition between the harsh settings and the description of the ice being positive and alluring.
As if it had been a Christian soul: We hailed it in God’s name
Spiritual, religious symbolism. You can link this to the comparison of Jesus to the Albatross as Jesus died for our sins, as did the Albatross for the Mariner and the shipmates. Furthermore, this can link to the ‘Mark of Cain’ as the bird symbolises the Mariner’s transgression when it hangs around his neck just as the ‘Mark of Cain’ is a reminder of sins.
Bird of good omen
This further creates the idea of the act of killing the Albatross being unjust.
With my crossbow I shot the Albatross
An immediate confession from the Mariner. Committed a sin - purgation of emotions. Colridge is far more interested in the consequences of and atonement for transgression than the act itself.