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each throat was parched, And glazed each eye
Punishment for all the crew
Each turned his face with a ghastly pang. And cursed me with his eye
Deeply negatively emotive image when all the sailors blame the mariner for their fates.
The very deep did rot: O Christ! / That ever this should be / Yea, slimy things did crawl with legs, / Upon the slimy sea
Setting utilising tropes and images typical of the Gothic genre and feelings of horror. Punishment and consequence, due to his own transgression. Seeing things through guilt.
As if through a dungeon-grate he peer’d with broad and burning face
The sun passing through the hull of the ruined ghost ship described using a semantic field of punishment
And every soul, it passed me by, like the whizz of my crossbow!
Deathly consequences of the mariner's transgression; Coleridge's simile leaves no doubt of the transgression resulting in these deaths.
“The game is done! I've won! I've won!” Quoth she, and whistles thrice.
Arbitrary nature of life and death when reduced to a game of chance.