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She sent the gentle sleep from Heaven, / that slid into my soul
Evidence of relief from God as the Mariner pays penance for his crimes
I thought that I had died in sleep, / and was a blessèd ghost
Example of themes of death and subjectivity of circumstance
We were a ghastly crew
In reference to the undead crew, Coleridge's use of 'we’ characterises the narrator as equally ghastly, creating the impression of his own guilt
a blessed troop of angelic spirits, sent down by the invocation of the guardian saint
oleridge deliberately distinguishes positive supernatural spirits in 'saints’ and angels rather than 'daemons’ or 'souls’
I heard the skylark sing
Skylarks are commonly used as a trope to represent freedom, inspiration, hope and joy in literature. This is also the mariner's first sign sign of outside life, in choosing to have it be a bird, Coleridge reminds the reader of the albatross which has been the source of the mariner's suffering
But in a minute she 'gan stir,/ with a short uneasy motion-/ backwards and forwards half her length/ with a short uneasy motion.
Coleridge's jarring use of repetition both mirrors the movement of the ship and marks the end of the mariner's brief stint of comfort
The man hath penance done,/ and penance more will do
The mariner's suffering is not yet over as he has not served his punishment