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Getting Fed

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wǒmen xiǎng chī diǎn dōngxi
we would like something to eat
wǒmen xiǎng chī diǎn zǎocān
we would like to have some breakfast
nǐ xiǎng zài hē diǎn píjiǔ ma?
would you like more beer?
níhǎo, mǎidān!
excuse me, the bill please!
wǒ lái mǎidān ba
let me pay the bill
wǒ qǐngkè!
my treat!
to take something with oneself
wǒ méi dài xiànjīn
I don't have any cash
kěyǐ shuākǎ ma?
can I use card?
can only
duìbùqǐ, zhǐnéng fù xiànjīn
sorry, you can only pay by cash