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que perca
(that) I lose
que percas
(that) you lose (sing.)
que perca
(that) he lose
que percamos
(that) we lose
que percais
(that) you lose (plur.)
que percam
(that) they lose
que leia
(that) I read
que leias
(that) you read (sing.)
que leia
(that) he read
que leiamos
(that) we read
que leiais
(that) you read (plur.)
que leiam
(that) they read
que valha-me
(that) I be worth
que valhas-te
(that) you be worth (sing.)
que valha-se
(that) he be worth
que valhamo-nos
(that) we be worth
que valhais-vos
(that) you be worth (plur.)
que valham-se
(that) they be worth
que vá
(that) I go
que vás
(that) you go (sing.)
que vá
(that) he go
que vamos
(that) we go
que vades
(that) you go (plur.)
que vão
(that) they go
que venha
(that) I come
que venhas
(that) you come (sing.)
que venha
(that) he come
que venhamos
(that) we come
que venhais
(that) you come (plur.)
que venham
(that) they come
que peça
(that) I ask
que peças
(that) you ask (sing.)
que peça
(that) he ask
que peçamos
(that) we ask
que peçais
(that) you ask (plur.)
que peçam
(that) they ask
que ouça; oiça
(that) I hear
que ouças; oiças
(that) you hear (sing.)
que ouça; oiça
(that) hear
que ouçamos; oiçamos
(that) we hear
que ouçais
(that) you hear (plur.)
que ouçam; oiçam
(that) they hear
que siga
(that) I follow
que sigas
(that) you follow (sing.)
que siga
(that) he follow
que sigamos
(that) we follow
que sigais
(that) you follow (plur.)
que sigam
(that) they follow
que caia
(that) I fall
que caias
(that) you fall (sing.)
que caia
(that) he fall
que caiamos
(that) we fall
que caiais
(that) you fall (plur.)
que caiam
(that) they fall
que durma
(that) I sleep
que durmas
(that) you sleep (sing.)
que durma
(that) he sleep
que durmamos
(that) we sleep
que durmais
(that) you sleep (plur.)
que durmam
(that) they sleep
que ponha
(that) I put
que ponhas
(that) you put (sing.)
que ponha
(that) he put
que ponhamos
(that) we put
que ponhais
(that) you put (plur.)
que ponham
(that) they put