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que cantasse
(that) I sang; sung
que cantasses
(that) you sang; sung (sing.)
que cantasse
(that) he sang; sung
que cantássemos
(that) we sang; sung
que cantásseis
(that) you sang; sung (plur.)
que cantassem
(that) they sang; sung
que comesse
(that) I ate
que comesses
(that) you ate (sing.)
que comesse
(that) he ate
que comêssemos
(that) we ate
que comêsseis
(that) you ate (plur.)
que comessem
(that) they ate
que partisse
(that) I left (p.)
que partisses
(that) you left (p.) (sing.)
que partisse
(that) he left (p.)
que partíssemos
(that) we left (p.)
que partísseis
(that) you left (p.) (plur.)
que partissem
(that) they left (p.)