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que quisesse
(that) I wanted
que quisesses
(that) you wanted (sing.)
que quisesse
(that) he wanted
que quiséssemos
(that) we wanted
que quisésseis
(that) you wanted (plur.)
que quisessem
(that) they wanted
que trouxesse
(that) I brought
que trouxesses
(that) you brought (sing.)
que trouxesse
(that) he brought
que trouxéssemos
(that) we brought
que trouxésseis
(that) you brought (plur.)
que trouxessem
(that) they brought
que valesse-me
(that) I were worth
que valesses-te
(that) you were worth (sing.)
que valesse-se
(that) he were worth
que valêssemo-nos
(that) were worth
que valêsseis-vos
(that) you were worth (plur.)
que valessem-se
(that) they were worth
que fosse (ir)
(that) I went
que fosses (ir)
(that) you went (sing.)
que fosse (ir)
(that) he went
que fôssemos (ir)
(that) went
que fôsseis (ir)
(that) you went (plur.)
que fossem (ir)
(that) they went
que viesse
(that) I came
que viesses
(that) you came (sing.)
que viesse
(that) he came
que viéssemos
(that) we came
que viésseis
(that) you came (plur.)
que viessem
(that) they came
que caísse
(that) I fell
que caísses
(that) you fell (sing.)
que caísse
(that) he fell
que caíssemos
(that) we fell
que caísseis
(that) you fell (plur.)
que caíssem
(that) they fell
que dormisse
(that) I slept
que dormisses
(that) you slept (sing.)
que dormisse
(that) he slept
que dormíssemos
(that) we slept
que dormísseis
(that) you slept (plur.)
que dormissem
(that) they slept
que pusesse
(that) I put
que pusesses
(that) you put (sing.)
que pusesse
(that) he put
que puséssemos
(that) we put
que pusésseis
(that) you put (plur.)
que pusessem
(that) they put