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אי הכי
If so (if what you're saying is true, the following difficulty emerges)
Is this so
מתקיף, רמינהו) ,איתיביה)
it was asked (difficulty raised on am Amora from a Tannaitic source)
אימא הכי נמי
Let us say that that which you just assumed is incorrect is really orrect
asked (also has other meanings see below)
תניח –בשלמא
lit. with peace
הדר קושיין לדוכתא
Our original question returns (lit to its place)
Y היינו ,X היינו
X & Y are apparently the same (and therefore should not be listed separately)
lit. this is good, introduces a sequence where the Gemara states (contraction of הא ניחא) - that this answer you just gave works according to X but not according to Y
ואם תאמר
Tosfot' way of introducing a question; lit "if you will say"
ואם לומר
Tosfot' way of introducing an answer; lit "you can say"
Is it true? (introduces a question)
כי תימא
If you say (introduces an answer that is then rejected)
let it teach/state, (this is a question as to why something wasn't stated or phrased a certain way in a Mishna/Braita)
מאי לאו
is it not [referring to the exact case causing a contradiction]. Usually followed in the Gemara by "no, it's not", and showing why not, thus resolving the contradiction]
קא משמע לן
This comes to teach us
מאי שנא
What is the difference?
קתני X מידי
Did the Mishna/Baraita state?! (Attacks an Amora's understanding of a Mishna/Baraita. If his understanding were correct it would have stated X)
מיתיבי / איתיביה
מנינא למה לי
Why do we need the number? (we could count ourselves)
לה Y אין, משום X משום
Because of X, not because of Y?! (questioning source that the halacha should be based not only on X but also on Y)
attack question (logical difficulty)
the statement is obvious and therefore need not be stated
קשיא, קושיא
רמי, רמינהו
contraction between two Tannaitic sources (lit. throw together)
a wonder
(תינח (בשלמא
it works well (introduces section of G'mara whereby one case works, the other does not seem to)