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Simple Negligence

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Paris v Stepney Borough Council
Potential seriousness of harm.
Latimer v AEC
Cost of precautions.
Watt v Hertfordshire County Council
Social utility.
Barnett v Chelsea and Kensington HMC
'But for' test.
Bradford v Robinson Rentals
Only the general type of damage need be foreseeable.
Hughes v Lord Advocate
Sequence of events need not be foreseeable.
Vacwell Engineering v BDH Chemicals
The extent of damage need not be foreseeable.
Smith v Leech Brain and Co
Thin skull rule.
Carslogie Steamship Co v Royal Norwegian Government
Natural event can break chain of causation.
Lamb v Camden LBC
Criminal third party act can break chain of causation.
Knightley v Johns
Negligent third party act can break chain of causation.
Spencer v Wincanton Holdings
Victim's own act can break chain of causation.
Brannon v Airtours
Contributory Negligence - contributed to the accident.
Froom v Butcher
Contributory Negligence - made injuries worse.
Yachuk v Oliver Blais
Contributory Negligence - children are judged by the standard of other children of the same age.
Morris v Murray
Consent to D acting negligently.
Haynes v Harwood
Consent unavailable if C felt morally obliged to act.