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Psychiatric Injury

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White and Others v Chief Constable of South Yorkshire
Created the initial classes of victim. Discusses rule on rescuers.
Reilly v Merseyside Regional Health Authority
A claimant may only recover damages in respect of a recognised psychiatric illness.
Page v Smith
A C can claim if it was reasonably foreseeable that D's actions would expose them to the risk of physical harm.
McFarlane v Wilkinson
There must be a basis for the fear.
Alcock v Chief Constable of South Yorkshire
Hillsborough Disaster - rules for claiming for secondary victims.
Alcock v Chief Constable of South Yorkshire
There must be close ties of love and affection between the physcical victim and a secondary victim.
McLoughlin v O'Brian
A witness who sees the aftermath of an accident is sufficiently close to the accident in time and space.
Sion v Hampstead Health Authority
The psychiatric damage must be caused by a sudden shock.
Walters v North Glamorgan NHS Trust
The 'sudden shock' may be prolonged over a number of hours.
Page v Smith
Would a victim of reasonable fortitude have been likely to suffer psychiatric damage?
Greatorex v Greatorex
A man has no duty to look after himself to prevent the psychiatric injury of those close to him.
Attia v British Gas
Witnessing damage to property may cause psychiatric damage.