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Public Nuisance

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A.G. v PYA Quarries
Definition of a public nuisance.
Benjamin v Storr
To bring an action for public nuisance an individual must have suffered special damage over and above the effects on other members of the affected group.
Tate and Lyle v GLC
Special damage may arise when the nuisance causes the C a financial loss, while the public only suffers inconvenience.
Thomas v NUM
Picketing on a road is a public nuisance.
Rose v Miles
Blocking a canal is a public nuisance.
A.G. for Ontario v Orange Productions
Causing noise and disrupting traffic is a public nuisance.
R v Johnson
Making obscene phone calls to a number of women is a public nuisance.
Dymond v Pearce
Obstructing a highway is a public nuisance.