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Wohin fährst du in den Ferien?
Where do you go on holiday?
Wo wohnst du in den Ferien?
Where do you stay on holiday?
Wie fährst du?
How do you get there?
Wie lange bleibst du dort?
How long do you stay there?
Was können wir dort machen?
What can we do there?
Was machst du heute?
What are you doing today?
Was wirst du morgen machen?
What will you do tomorrow?
Was werden wir am Montag machen?
What will we do on Monday?
Willst du Tennis spielen?
Do you want to play tennis?
Was hast du gemacht?
What did you do?
Wohin bist du gefahren?
Where did you go?
Wie bist du gefahren?
How did you get there?
Wie lange bist du geblieben?
How long did you stay?
Wo hast du gewohnt?
Where did you stay?
Wie was es?
What was it like?