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Wie siehst du aus?
What do you look like?
Wie sieht er aus?
What does he look like?
Trägst du eine Brille?
Do you wear glasses?
Trägt sie Ohrringe?
Does she wear earrings?
Trägt er einen Ohrring?
Does he wear an earring?
Wie ist dein Lieblingsstar?
Who is your favourite celebrity?
Wie bist du?
What are you like?
Wie warst du, als du jünger warst?
What were you like when you were younger?
Wie ist dein Vater?
What is your dad like?
Wie sind deine Eltern?
What are your parents like?
Was machst du zu Hause?
How do you help at home?
Wie oft machst du das?
How often do you do that?
Wann machst du das?
When do you do that?
Was muss du zu Hause machen?
What do you have to do to help at home?
Warum bist du in Köln?
Why are you in Cologne?
Was hast du gemacht?
What did you do?
Was hast du gelesen?
What did you read?
Was hat er gekauft?
What did he buy?
Wohin bist du gefahren?
Where did you travel to?
Wohin ist sie gegangen?
Where did she go?
Was hast du am Sonntag gemacht?
What did you do on Sunday?