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Wann feiert man Heiligabend?
When do you celebrate Christmas Eve?
Wie findest du Heiligabend?
What do you think of Christmas Eve?
Wie findest du Silvester?
What do you think of New Year's Eve?
Wo kann man Cola kaufen?
Where can you buy Cola?
Kommst du?
Can you come?
Was war deine letzte Party?
What was your last party?
Wann war die Party?
When was the party?
Wo war die Party?
Where was the parrty?
Wie viele Gäste hattest du?
How many guests did you have?
Was haben die Gäste gemacht?
What did the guests do?
Wie war die Party?
What was the party like?
Was ist der Tag der Deutschen Einheit?
What is the Day of German Unity?
Wann feiert man Nikolaustag?
When do you celebrate St Nicholas?
Wo kann man eine Bootsfahrt machen und Feuerwerke sehen?
Where can you go on a boat trip and see fireworks?
Wer kommt am 6. Dezember?
Who visits on December 6th?
Was finden die Kinder am Nikolaustag in ihren Schuhe?
What do children find in their shoes on St Nicholas Day?
Wann beginnt Weihnachten in Deutschland?
When does Christmas start in Germany?
Was isst man zu Weihnachten in Deutschland?
What do you eat at Christmas time in Germany?