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a shatter'd visage
Ozymandias- the once powerful leader is now destroyed and half visible in the sand
sneer of cold command
Ozymandias- highlights the arrogance of the king and how he looked down on others
king of kings
Ozymandias- his declaration of power above all others
Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair
Ozymandias- his call on others to look at him and worship him
colossal wreck, boundless and bare
Ozymandias- shows how his power has withered and how he is now helpless and destroyed
in every cry of every man
London- highlights Blake's experiences of seeing the poor in society suffering
marks of weakness, marks of woe
London- what Blake saw in the poor people, uses repetition
mind forg'd manacles
London- describes the psychological impact of abject poverty
every black'ning church appalls
London- how Blake believes it is shameful the religious institutions do nothing to alleviate the suffering
runs in blood down palace walls
London- a warning to the royal family about ignoring inequality. Links to the French Revolution.
a huge peak, black and huge
Extract from The Prelude- describing the giant mountain before him
strode after me
Extract from The Prelude- how the experience with nature followed him
there hung a darkness, call it solitude
Extract from The Prelude- how he felt depressed and in a dark place
and were a trouble to my dreams
Extract from The Prelude- how the experience left his confused and transformed
as if she were alive
My Last Duchess- ironic statement about a picture of his ex-wife
she liked whate'er she looked on
My Last Duchess- Duke subtly hinting that she was 'too' sociable
I gave commands
My Last Duchess- Duke hinting that he had her killed because of her liasons
At starting, is my object
My Last Duchess- Duke describing his new wife as an object that he has power over
in the valley of Death
Charge of the Light Brigade- metaphor to describe the battle field
Rode the six hundred
Charge of the Light Brigade- repeated phrase throughout, collective unit
while horse and hero fell
Charge of the Light Brigade- highlights the glory of the soldiers and battle
Some one had blunder'd
Charge of the Light Brigade- mentions a mistake but that the soldiers followed orders blindly and bravely
Honour the charge they made!
Charge of the Light Brigade- a call to remember the soldiers as brave and gallant
But nothing happens
Exposure- repeated phrase highlights how WW1 often included long periods of inactivity
Pale flakes with lingering stealth come feeling for our faces
Exposure- how the weather was like a soldier trying to damage the soldiers
Slowly our ghosts drag home
Exposure- morbid link to ghosts and their desire to be with loved ones
We turn back to our dying
Exposure- how they snap back to reality and the fatal nature of conflict
We are prepared: we build our houses squat
Storm on the Island- how the islanders prepare for the harsh storms
Exploding comfortably down on the cliffs
Storm on the Island- oxymoron about the waves/winds on the coastline
We are bombarded with the empty air
Storm on the Island- quote about the force of wind but also the propaganda in The Troubles
running- raw in raw-seamed hot khaki
Bayonet Charge- alliteration about how brutal the conditions were. Charging forward with pure adrenaline.
Bullets smacking the belly out of the air
Bayonet Charge-personification of the air and how the bullets cause damage to the world around them
The the shot-slashed furrows threw up a yellow hare
Bayonet Charge- yellow hare is a metaphor for the terrified soldiers
King, honour, human dignity, etcetera
Bayonet Charge- almost sarcastic comment on his wonderings as to why he is there
His terror's touchy dynamite
Bayonet Charge- highlighting the terror and how quickly he could die or crumble under pressure
probably armed, possibly not
Remains- the soldier reflects on the event and whether the person was innocent. Almost trying to validify actions.
I see broad daylight on the other side
Remains- the impact of the weapon leaving a physical hole. Horiffically graphic.
tosses his guts back into his body
Remains- shows how it was a job and there was a lack of care or compassion for the victim
His blood-shadow stays on the street
Remains- how the memory doesn't fade and that he feels remorse.
he's here in my head when I close my eyes
Remains- how the images never fade and sleep does provide an escape.
his bloody life in my bloody hands
Remains- the soldier feels responsible and that he carries that guilt with him
I pinned one on your lapel
Poppies- the mother giving her son a poppy for his uniform. Symbol of peace.
All my words flattened, rolled, turned into felt
Poppies- imagery suggesting she is keeping her emotions to herself
the world overflowing, like a treasure chest
Poppies- simile linking to the excitement he feels at his future adventures
a song bird from its cage
Poppies- metaphor about letting her son leave home, fly the nest
hoping to hear your playground voice catching in the wind
Poppies- maternal love, reference to childhood and her desire to protect her son. Suggestions he is no longer alive.
spools of suffering
War Photographer- lots of photographs showing pain and horror, yet no one cares
All flesh is grass
War Photographer- biblical link to say that life is fleeting and we all return to the ground
a half-formed ghost
War Photographer- the memory of the scenes he has seen
they not do care
War Photographer- how the western media and readership have grown imune to images of suffering
pages smoothed and stroked
Tissue- how time has passed and knowledge has been passed on
how easily they fall away on a sigh
Tissue- highlights the fragile nature of human life and how quickly it can change
turned into your skin
Tissue- the link between paper tissue and human tissue and how life is fleeting
my memory of it is sunlight-clear
The Emigree- the person looks back on their childhood/homeland
time rolls its tanks
The Emigree- images of war and how time has passed and has influenced them
but I can't get it off my tongue
The Emigree- how memories can't be forgotten
My city hides behind me
The Emigree- how their homeland and identity will always stay with them, even when people are discriminating.
a one-way journey into history
Kamikaze- showing how the pilot was never intended to return
they treated him as though he no longer existed
Kamikaze- how society shunned the pilot because he didn't sacrifice himself
he must have wondered which had been the better way to die
Kamikaze- the pilot is wondering whether his life was worth living due to the family's reaction
Blind to me own identity
Checking Out Me History- Agard acknowledging that he didn't grow up knowing black history.
no dem never tell me bout dat
Checking Out Me History- Agard saying the British only taught white history.
Dem tell me wha dem want to tell me
Checking Out Me History- Agard resentful of the colonial rulers imposing their history on him
I carving out me identity
Checking Out Me History- Agard saying how he has now taken charge of his identity.