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Blood Brothers Quotes

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As like each other as two new pins
Narrator: links to Nature vs. Nurture and the how they were born from the same womb but grew up very differently
never put new shoes on a table
Mrs J to Mrs L: highlights Mrs J's superstitious nature and how easily she believes in the irrational
But a debt is a debt, and must be paid
Narrator: links to the idea of fate and how the secret must come out in the end. Mrs J can't escape what she's done
the devil’s got your number
Narrator: Mrs J can never leave the secret completely behind her. Links to superstition and fate. Hellish imagery.
Do we blame superstition for what came to pass? Or could it have been what we, the English, have come to know as class?
Narrator: asking who or what is to blame for the ending.
An' did you never hear how the Johnestone's died
He reveals the end; omniscient figure (died)
Will you stop takin' the piss out of me!
Linda: playing/flirting with Mickey
Oh...he's gorgeous, isn't he?
Linda: suggesting she likes Edward, flirtatious
I need you. I love you. But, Mickey, not when you've got them inside you
Linda to Mickey: showing that she doesn't like the antidepressants
I've got Mickey a job
Edward: showing the privelege he has due to his education and upbringing
You better hadn't do anything soft, like him
Linda: trying to keep Mickey on the right path
Don't you know what a dictionary is?
Edward to Mickey: highlights the social differences and the lack of education for Mickey
She's fabulous your ma, isn't she?
Edward: strong bond to biological mother but unaware
Take as many as you want
Edward: naive and generous in youth
Do you want to be my blood brother?
Mickey to Edward: dramatic irony as they are unaware they are true brothers
If I was like+A16 him
Twins singing about how they wished they were the other. Links to Nature vs. Nurture.
I could have been him!
Mickey: sad and angry that he wasn't chosen to have the better quality upbringing
He told me I was sexier than Marilyn Monroe
Mrs J: remembering how her ex-husband wooed her. Monroe a motif for dreams and escaping reality.
By the time I was twenty-five, I looked like forty-two
Mrs J: social class quote about how she had a large family and struggled to look after them.
I've spent all my bleedin' life knowin' I shouldn't. But I do
Mrs J: talking about how she often makes the wrong choices and lives beyond her means
Living on the never never, constant as the changing weather, never sure who's at the door or the price I'll have to pay
Mrs J: singing about living in poverty and struggling to keep debtors away
Nothing's yours, on easy terms
Mrs J: singing about how material possessions are temporary and how life is unfair for the poor
You won't tell anyone about this, Mrs Johnstone, because if you do, you will kill them
Mrs L to Mrs J: exploiting superstition to ensure secret is kept.
Mrs Lyons hits Edward hard and instinctively
Stage direction: lack of maternal instincts. Failure of adoption.
Everybody has secrets, don't you have secrets?
Edward to Mrs L: when explaining the locket he asks his mum a very loaded question. Dramatic irony.
High upon the hill there's a woman gone mad
Narrator: talking about the unstable state of Mrs L
He'd have all his own toys and a garden to play in
Mrs L: singing about how she could give Edward everything he would need. Mrs J impressed.
I wish like I could be like...my friend
Boys singing about how they wished they were more like the other. Dramatic irony.
You say smashing things don't you?
Edward to Mickey: innocence of youth. Friendship despite class differences.
It was more of a prank, really
Policeman to Mr L: treats them respectfully due to social class.
There'll be no more bloody warnings from now on
Policeman to Mrs J: treats her horribly due to social class.
Oh...you mean you're superstitious
Mrs L to Mrs J: shows how lower classes are more likely to believe things and Mrs L uses this to exploit her.
Give one to me
Mrs L to Mrs J: forceful demand/request to get a baby from Mrs J. Links to social class and expectations of entitlement.
The whole thing's just a game
Song about Kids' Game showing the innocence of youth. Link to deadly events later in the play.