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tā hěn bàng
he's wonderful
māma juédé wǒ tài pàng le
mom thinks I'm too fat
xiǎohuā bù juédé tā hěn shuài
Xiao-hua doesn't think he's handsome
tā juédé tā hěn piǎoliang
he thinks she is very pretty
tā tài piàoliàng le!
she's so pretty!
how; how about
nǐ juédé zěnmeyàng?
what do you think?
wǒ juéde tài dà le
I think it's too big
wó yě zhème juédé
I think so too
wǒ búzhème juédé
I don't think so
wǒ juédé zhègè bù hǎokàn
I don't think this one is nice-looking