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Verbs: Present II

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bene basinga
they smear
ame ndinga
I want; I wish for
bune bakengola
you look for (pl)
buse bakana
we put
ye afuta
s/he pays
ofe oyanga
you call (sg)
buse babeta
we climb
ame diya
I eat
ofe ofofa bwanya
you tell lies (sg)
bene badie na kumba
they run
ame diyala
I stay
ye anyoa
s/he drinks
ofe oswanye
you return (sg)
buse baketa
we cut (oil palm fruits)
bene babeka
they give
ame die
I am
bune baseka
you slice (pl; Gnetum leaves)
buse bafonga
we grow
ame bomba mondo
I keep a secret
bene bamowa
they die; pass away